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June 3rd, 2012 at 4:19 pm . Posted in Life at Sew Alluring .

I’m very excited to tell you that later this month, hubby, Buttercup and I will be moving from our apartment to an adorable little house that felt like home the second we laid eyes on it. Suffice it to say, this house is “the one.”

This news means a couple things for life at Sew Alluring. Firstly, posting may be less frequent as we work on getting organized, going through everything, packing boxes — and actually undergo the process of moving. Secondly, I’ve naturally started planning where things in the new house will go and which sewing projects might arise to help make the house our home. I won’t know exactly what will need to be done until we move in, but some of the sewing projects I’ve been thinking about are:

  • Turning the outdoor fabric remnant I got on my accidental shopping venture into a pillow for lounging on the patio.
  • Sewing a valance for the window over the kitchen sink. (By the way, how amazing will it be to have a view while I’m doing the dishes?!)
  • Possibly making an upholstered headboard for the master bedroom — one way or another, the bare bones bed could use some dressing up.

Exciting things are in store for sure, and I really couldn’t be happier. Have you done any sewing projects to make your space more homey?

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  1. Lynda
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 9:56 am

    Kelly – Can’t wait to see all the projects for your new home! Congratulations.


    • Kelly
      Jun 05, 2012 @ 2:37 pm

      Aww, thank you Lynda! 🙂


  2. Sue
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 7:46 pm

    Congrats! How exciting. 🙂


    • Kelly
      Jun 05, 2012 @ 10:02 pm

      Thank you! Very exciting indeed!


  3. Misha
    Jun 22, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    Awe man! I finally get to visit you in return for you visiting me during the A to Z Challenge and I miss you.

    I’d love to sew more, but like knitting and crocheting, it’s one more thing of the “could do” list that goes undone because writing or some other art takes up too much time.

    Anyway. Congrats on the new house! I hope you show pictures once everything is settled. 🙂


    • Kelly
      Jun 23, 2012 @ 12:01 pm

      Hi Misha! Thank you so much 🙂 I know what you mean — I rarely do art anymore because of the time it takes. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do both!


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